Jun 27, 2008

Further Evidence Of Desire to Collectivise Health

We can't believe this. Does Labour want to fall below 20% in this election?

A political row is brewing over suggestions that patients under private medical care could lose access to subsidised drugs - a move that would cost some people tens of thousands of dollars.
Director-general of health Stephen McKernan told Parliament's health select committee this week the Health Ministry would be reviewing subsidised pharmaceuticals for patients treated by private specialists.
"Our general policy is public funding is for public patients," he said.
Currently, patients receiving care from private specialists receive the same subsidies as public patients, paying no more than $15 a prescription.

Don't private patients pay their taxes (probably more taxes than many non-private patients) and pay for their medical bills as well?? Don't they actually save the Government money? You would think that the sensible thing would be for Government to encourage people to go private not discourage them. But already in Wellington patients of private specialists have to pay for their lab tests. Why does the left hate private health care, private eductaion and private ownership of the media? Because they can't control it. They would dearly love to shut it all down and have one big collective where the Party controls everything.

Has Minister Cunliffe distanced himself from his officials? Yes, he is learning.

However, the ministry review may have been shot down last night before it could even get under way.
Health Minister David Cunliffe said the Government was working to expand access to subsidised prescription drugs and a spokesman for Mr McKernan told The Dominion Post there would be no formal review.