Jun 28, 2008

The DigiPoll Result

Most days of the week we read the hard copy version of the Herald to pick up those items we miss when reading the web version. Today, we did not invest in the Weekend Herald as we had no time to read it so it wasn't until driving along a back road of suburban Wellington on the way to pick up one of the golfing four, that we heard on radio the Herald DigiPoll result. So sorry for not commenting earlier. Thought about a post by cell phone (which you can do, and we have done once or twice), but texting in the car is not a good look, particularly with one of the Khandallah bridge/golf set sitting next to you. And cell phones are an even worse look at Royal Wellington. So we decided to wait for the evening.

Our conclusion is that Labour are toast. They have lost Auckland and there is nothing they can do to win it back. The Auckland electorate wants change. Aucklanders at all income levels have had it with Helen and co. They don't care about the fact that Key has been light on policy. He is a new face, and they want a new face - bigger tax cuts would not go amiss either.

Wellington is getting interesting also. Only Winnie Laban and Annette King are looking secure. This is going to put enormous pressure on the Labour list. No wonder this has been delayed.