Jun 29, 2008

Dirty Tactics

Isn't it interesting that when the polls were down just before the last election along came the Exclusive Brethren to save the day.

Now that the polls are even worse, along comes a new Hollow Men type conspiracy from Nicky Hager.

What more can we expect? During the campaign itself we have been promised at least one bombshell - news on who leaked the Brash e-mails is often suggested as the bombshell (several theories about here. One prominent name - not Key - is regularly suggested by those on the left - show us the evidence we say, and it never arrives. The theory we liked the best was that Don 'the rake' Brash had more than Dianne Foreman on the side. When one of these parties, who also happened to work for a National MP, learned that Don's attentions were not exclusive, she leaked the e-mails in revenge. Again there is not a shred of evidence we have seen to support this story either - no evidence of there being a bit more on the side, nor of the leak being made by such a person).

Come on Labour - you can do better. The public are beginning to see through these tactics. It is a shame that the Sunday Star Times sees fit to publish more Hager conspiracies.