Jun 25, 2008

Business Council For Sustainable Development In Trouble With Its Members

Not only was the analysis shonky, but the latest report from the Business Council for Sustainable Development is coming in for criticism from within its own membership. Other business groups are also accusing the Council of scaremongering and of putting New Zealand's exports at risk. There was plenty of comment on Morning Report this morning.

What interests The Hive is why the Council felt the need to take thee risk to rush this report and get it out yesterday? Was it asked to by David Parker or others in the Government? That would be a good PQ as would "How much money has the BCSD received from Government over the past 3 years?" "Did the Government fund this recent study for the BCSD?"

Anyway it seems that we won't have to wait for the election to see the resignations starting from the Business Council. We hear that Fonterra and Solid Energy are writing their letters as we write this post.