Jun 22, 2008

David Parker's Future

Trans-Tasman this week reported that there were rumours that David Parker was about to throw in the towel after his emissions trading scheme was passed. The PM found them so credible that she actually asked Parker about them. Parker said they were untrue and that Parker wanted higher office in the next term. We are not sure that this will be an option David, but we too believe that Parker is unaware of how big a blunder he is making on the ETS and his energy portfolio and that his future is not a great one within the party. Parker wanting to leave would have made the PM's job much easier. Firing him just before the election will be a much bigger call.

Parker is meantime trying to get closer to Phil Goff who many are seeing as being Leader by early February. It was interesting a few weeks back to watch Goff in trouble in the house because he fell into a trap set by National's Tim Groser. Normally Cullen would have jumped to the rescue, but he just sat there with a grin on his face, enjoying the spectacle of the leader of the right wing of the party in trouble. So who jumped up to try and help Goff? None other than David Parker. He didn't help much, but Goff will have noted this.