Jun 27, 2008

Rift Between Business Groups Bad News For Labour

We recommend that everyone read page 24 of today's National Business Review. Ben Thomas looks at the privileged role that the Business Council for Sustainable Development enjoyed with the Government and how things have this week blown up in the Council's face following the release of its rushed and substandard attempt to help justify the Government's desire to push the emissions trading bill through before the election. Thomas rightly sees the willingness of business to speak what it really believes (as opposed to meekly towing the Government's line) as very bad news for Labour. This is also bad news for Stephen Tindall, Nick Main and Peter Nielson - all of whom have lost considerable credibility this week. Many are speculating that the Business Council will not be able to survive, with this week's episode being the straw that broke the camel's back..

Thomas concludes

"That they [business] are now prepared, not just as associations but individually, [to] speak out with such vehemence means the balance of power may have shifted. That means another winter of discontent for the government. And if the electoral groundhogs in the business community are correct, the cold snap may be over by November."