Jun 29, 2008

Hollow Man II - Or You Should Read This If You Do The Legal Work For The Sunday Star Times

We were a little surprised at the characterisation of Crosby/Textor, the Aussie political consultants that are the subject of the Sunday Star Times "hollow men" type revelations today, as being sinister and controversial. The only fact that might embarrass Mark Textor or anyone associated with the firm seems to be that in 1995 he did some push polling. He apologised and paid compensation for that mistake. It is now 2008.

Nicky Hager isn't the only conspiracy freak not to like Crosby/Textor. The Aussie website Crikey had a go at them earlier this year. Unfortunately they didn't do a terribly good job. Here is the result of that hatchet job:

On 17 April, we published a feature article which falsely suggested that Lynton Crosby and Mark Textor had leaked Liberal party polling in August 2007. This allegation was not checked with either Lynton Crosby or Mark Textor. They have strenuously denied this and we accept their denial. The false allegation has caused them serious embarrassment, and we regret repeating it.
On 18 April, we followed up with a report that there were serious but unspecified allegations against Crosby Textor which had yet to be brought before any Court. We accept that we knew of no specific matter which could support this claim when we made it, and that to publish in those circumstances was both very damaging and a serious breach of journalist's ethics.
Finally we alleged that Crosby Textor engaged in racism and thuggery. We acknowledge that this is not the case. We deeply regret having made this suggestion.
We sincerely apologise to Lynton Crosby and Mark Textor for the hurt and damage caused to them by our reports. We acknowledge that had we reported fairly, the compensation we have paid to them would not have been necessary.

We hope that sad little hollow Nicky and the SST have done a thorough job on their article. It seems that Crosby/Textor are pretty keen to protect their reputations. Note that the Crikey apology refers to allegations that the firm "engaging in racism and thuggery" and that Crikey acknowledge that this is not the case. Well have a read of the Sunday Star Times articles and suggestions of whipping up public feelings against refugees and Aborigines. Pretty close isn't it? We are going to watch this space with great interest.