Jun 25, 2008

Regulatory Review Committee Challenge To Way Overseas Investment Regulations Were Changed

The communist looking blog Watchblog has reminded us that a couple of business groups have challenged the way in which the Government changed its overseas investment regulations and have claimed that the changes were a breach of standing orders. We wouldn't use this terminology ourselves but this is what Watchblog has to say

Further the Government’s actions are being challenged by the New Right through Parliamentary avenues by Roger Kerr, who remains the head of the neo-liberal Business Roundtable and the Wellington Regional Chamber of Commerce Chair, Charles Finny. Both Kerr and Finny have written to Parliament’s Regulations Review Committee, which is chaired by National MP Richard Worth, to protest the Order in Council.

We have been doing some digging and find that the two "new right""neo-liberal" idols are to appear before Parliament's Regulations Review Commitee at 3.30pm on 1 July (might be worth a look in press gallery).