Jun 26, 2008

Today's Trans Tasman

Another interesting issue of Trans Tasman.

Is Helen Clark dreaming on the polls? One article suggests that support for National might be a bit fragile

There’s no great mood for change
in NZ. Voters are grizzly, with a
financial hangover from the debt binge
too many of our citizens
have engaged in over the past few
years. An appetite for major policy
changes is missing.

Yet another is suggesting a major problem for Labour in Auckland

Long-time National strategists say they have got to go back to 1975 to find a mood in the electorate so deeply disillusioned with the incumbent Govt, though the target of the disillusion seems to be Michael Cullen more than Helen Clark. Failure to deliver tax cuts for eight years is laid at Cullen’s door and National’s slogan every time the Govt announces a new initiative “they’re spending your money,” resonates with voters.

We know which view we believe.

TT also reports that Crawford Falconer, NZ's WTO Ambo, is in line for the vacant MFAT Dep Sec slot (but we still think that Crawford would be crazy to come back). It does make an error though. It says that Jane Coombs - who is about to be replaced by Richard Mann is to come back to Wellington. Wrong. We hear she is being cross posted to Washington. Maybe TT's New York based correspondent could give some of his mates in Washington a bell on this and confirm. This will give a real Korea expertise to the NZ Embassy in Washington. Both Ambassador and #2 will be former Ambassadors to Korea.

Finally TT also reports that Condi Rice will visit on 26 July. Will Winston get a look in it asks?