Jun 26, 2008

Has Anyone Seen The Advertisement For The Next MFAT CEO?

Feedback from you readers please. Have we missed something? The reason we ask is that the MFAT rumour mill is suggesting that a decision has been made. All very strange, but as we have reported in the past our expectation is that Labour will be wanting to rush a decision through and not wait until after the election. The SSC decision was through at a record pace. MfE went through fast also. Everyone is saying that Wayne Donnelly is going to be the new Secretary of Transport. Geoff Dangerfield is due to head the new transport authority - but the legislation has not been passed so the agency doesn't exist yet.

We have no issue with the people involved here (indeed the name being mentioned around MFAT is a good person also - we like her a lot and thought she should have been given the job last time around). But there is a constitutional issue here. We don't think decisions should be made so close to an election without full involvement of the opposition, and we don't think decisions should be made about jobs that become available after the election, this side of the election. We would love reader feedback on this also.