Jun 21, 2008

Why Maori Should Oppose Emissions Trading Scheme

We understand that the Government's negotiations with the smaller parties on the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) are due to begin next week.

The Maori Party is being lobbied hard by Maori business groups and some Iwi to oppose the legislation because of its negative implications for agriculture, forestry and fisheries. Unfortunately the Maori Party doesn't always listen to the best advice from Maori business - the opposition to the China FTA, which is strongly supported by Maori business is a recent example.

So we thought that we would also offer some advice. Hive to Maori Party (who we admire greatly) we think that you should oppose this legislation for the following reasons:
  • it is being rushed;
  • it will result in many Maori losing their jobs (on top of the jobs that will be lost because of the economic downturn;
  • it will undermine the value of assets owned by Iwi (eg fishing quota rights);
  • it is targeted against those areas where Maori have a comparative advantage;
  • it will lead to more Maori leaving New Zealand for Australia, thus further undermining your voter base.

We know that many of your caucus have spent their lives fighting for the poor and dispossessed. This legislation is going to make the lot of this group much worse. Nothing on offer from the Government is going to come close to ameliorating the damage this legislation will cause to your constituency. Don't be hoodwinked. Demand more time to consider this legislation. Why does it need to be rushed through this year?