Dec 20, 2007

SSC Report on the Employment of Clare Curran Raises Many Questions

The SSC has released its report on the Ministry for the Environment's employment of Labour Party activist Clare Curran. It raises serious questions at The Hive, particularly over the processes used when employing her. Like others we see a total disconnect between the State Services Commission conclusions and the damning contents of the report. No wonder they released this just as everyone is leaving for their Christmas break.

For example we quote: "Overall, the process used was not appropriate for a situation where the Minister had initiated consideration of a contractor. The Manager - Communications did not receive appropriate advice and support from senior managers about how to handle such a sensitive case. The emphasis on speed of engagement relative to managing potential risks around political neutrality contributed to make the process appear as if it was a scramble to hire someone suggested by the Minister."

The full report is well worth a read.

The Hive team are also interested in the weight being applied to Curran's Australian experience, as supposedly qualifying her for this contract. We have been doing some digging. Here is a taste - Clare wrote for the Australian Left Review in 1991. What is the Australian Left Review? It doesn't exist anymore but it was none other than the monthly magazine of THE COMMUNIST PARTY OF AUSTRALIA.

More on this is the New Year.