Dec 30, 2007

Pacific Watch: Will New Leaders In Nauru and Solomon Islands Stay Allied To Taiwan?

Taiwan is certainly pulling out all the stops to keep their support. Taiwan's President Chen Shui-bien has phoned both new leaders to congratulate them on their victories and to assure them "that his administration would continue various cooperative projects with the countries" - ie the cheques will keep coming.

According to another report in Pacific Magazine Chen got the answer he was wanting from the Solomon Islands "Prime Minister Dr Derek Sikua told President Chen on the phone yesterday afternoon that his Government’s “Look North Policy” would seek to further strengthen relations with Taiwan. He also reassured President Chen of his Government’s support and commitment to continue the fight for Taiwan’s recognition in international organizations such as UN, WHO and so forth."

Ahead of the phone call with Nauru's new leader, Radio New Zealand International reported "The newly appointed president of Nauru, Marcus Stephen, has reaffirmed his government’s support for Taiwan, ...He says Nauru will continue to be a strong advocate for Taiwan and will vote in support of Taiwan’s cause. Mr Stephen also urged other Pacific countries to either reinforce their support for Taiwan, or to open up a greater dialogue with that country to further cement regional unity"