Dec 22, 2007

Fran O'Sullivan Calls SSC Report On Curran a Whitewash

A very interesting analysis of the full SSC report on the hiring of Clare Curran in today's NZ Herald by Fran O'Sullivan. Fran highlights many of the report's more interesting findings and factual content including Curran's suggested list of champions for the Government's climate change policy - "key players" were Professors Ralph Sims, Jonathan Boston and Ralph Chapman, the EMA, Rob Fenwick (then chairman of the NZ Business Council Sustainable Development), Peter Neilson (NZBCSD chief executive), Henry van der Heyden and Barry Harris (Fonterra), environmentalist Gary Taylor, David Wratt (NIWA), Suzie Kerr (MOTU), Morgan Williams, Alex McDiarmid, NGOs (Greenpeace, etc).

Maybe the New Zealand media should note this list and act accordingly when seeking comment on climate change matters in the future.