Dec 18, 2007

Interesting Analysis By Colin James

There is an interesting analysis in today's NZ Herald by Colin James. He too tries to select a politician of the year, and like most others he has it wrong - in our view. Colin selects Jeanette Fitzsimons for his award. We disagree with this because Jeanette has allowed her party to fall below the 5% threshold, and to be too deeply associated with the Electoral Finance Bill. On TV last night and again today in the Dominion Post - the Greens (well Russel Norman anyway) are there staunchly defending this deeply unpopular measure.

By Colin's analysis is most interesting in providing reasons why Helen Clark should not - as Trans Tasman and the Herald's John Armstrong claim - be politician of the year.

Interestingly he also describes Phil Goff as the " star of the Cabinet this year and her successor-in-waiting". Given Mike Moore's not so subtle messaging in the Dom Post today, the PM will be even more uncomfortable.