Dec 27, 2007

Labour Shortage: Central Otago Mayor Wants A Fight

The labour shortage issue we posted on yesterday has made it back onto the front page of the ODT, with an article again written by Rosie Manins. The Government is facing a real rebellion in the South! Not only is Invercargill Mayor Tim Shadbolt threatening to take the Government down, but Central Otago Mayor Malcolm Macpherson is entering the fray on the labour shortage issue and "stupid" Labour-led Government policy which discourages backpackers from seeking work. Macpherson is preparing to raatlle cages in Wellington.

Where is Labour's great white hope, the local member of Parliament David Parker when he is needed? He could not be contacted for comment - bad call David.

Another interesting snippet relevant to our comment on the positive role being played by workers from Vanuatu - "some of the guys from Vanuatu are earning more than $1,000 a week".