Dec 18, 2007

More From Moore

Another opinion piece from Mike Moore in a major daily - this time the Dominion Post (no electronic link found yet sorry) is the last thing Helen will have wanted to see. Moore's references to BBQ politics will be understood immediately by the PM - reference to a failed coup against her some years ago, reportedly hatched around the BBQ. This Christmas however, Goff is cleverly absenting himself abroad so it will be up to others to see whether he has the numbers. The PM may well have received reports of Moore and Goff's late night drinks together at Europa Bar and Restaurant in Auckland a few months back.

Moore repeats that the Electoral Finance Bill "has no parallel anywhere in the free world". He also repeats his view that the Government is legislating to stop dissent.

Does Moore not accept the great leader Winston Peters' view that New Zealand democratic principles are different to foreign democratic principles? So what happens elsewhere in the free world doesn't matter.

On Winston Peters there was a wonderful interview on TVOne News last night - a woman on Lambton Quay suggested that he was suffering from short man syndrome.