Dec 29, 2007

Fran's 10 Top Stories For 2008

In her last column until 26 January, Fran O'Sullivan has written a wish list of 10 top stories for 2008.

There is some similarity between some of the wishes and what The Hive has been suggesting. No return for Green and NZ First, Phil Goff rolling Helen Clark before the election for example (our view Phil, is that if you are going to do it, do it early, so Helen can have a good go at the ILO job which comes up in December. She would do the job well, and have lots of mountains to climb near Geneva.)

There are others which we think are more fanciful. We can't see Peter Dunne not making it and we think that Rodney Hide is still looking OK in Epsom. We also can't see the scientific "consensus" on climate change breaking up quite so fast.

Interest rate cut - maybe, but probably not if the Budget is as generous as we all suspect.

White House interns all 70? If Hillary wins they will all be young men -silly. If it is McCain they will all be 80, so the President appears young.

Prebble better not be the only public servant to go in 2008. The whole lot have become far too politicised. At the Hive we want all Secretaries and Deputy Secretaries and all Ambassadors and High Commissioners to tender their resignations. They all needn't be accepted, but at least it would allow National a clear run at the policy clean up that is needed.