Dec 16, 2007

The News Gets Worse For Helen : TV3 Agrees

OK, TV3 is only predicting 67 seats to National, but is agrees that Key is preferred as PM by more than Clark, it agrees that the Greens are below the 5% threshold, indeed it agrees that all those supporting the dreadful Electoral Finance Bill are in deep trouble.

This is worse than many Labour Ministers and backbenchers expected. Many now face the prospect of a huge drop in pay, some even face a lengthy period without employment.

Anyone for Phil Goff? At least a Goff Prime Ministership would shore up support from Mike Moore. If they want to make a change prior to the election February would be time to do it. And for Helen things wouldn't be all that bad. An early exit would avoid absolute humiliation, and she would have a decent run at the ILO job which comes up in December. Should she want it she would fly in.