Dec 16, 2007

Government Crisis As Christmas Looms

More criticism from her predecessor as leader of the party, followed by dreadful news in the latest TVNZ Colmar Brunton poll are the last things Prime Minister Clark and her team need as they break up for Christmas.

Mike Moore has had a hack at the Electoral Finance Bill two days before the final vote on the bill. Moore said that the legislation as fatally flawed. He says the restrictions in the electoral finance law are without precedent in the free world. He says the bill is wrong in principle and in substance and will end up doing the opposite of what its authors expected.

The opinion poll is bad news for Labour - down to the mid-30s and with the great leader (politician of the year) falling behind John Key as preferred PM. National with 54% support would get 70 seats in Parliament. The Greens are below 5% and NZ First are on 2%. Both parties now face the real prospect of oblivion at the polls.

Frankly The Hive would not mourn the departure of either the Greens or NZ First, but we have on piece of advice. If these two parties want a chance of being represented in the next Parliament - VOTE AGAINST THE ELECTORAL FINANCE BILL.