Feb 18, 2008

Glenngate: Update 4: The Reply

The Hive is delighted to be able to share with you the official response that Owen Glenn has sent to various jounalists who are asking difficult questions:

"It is unfortunate that some comments I made to a journalist last week
have been taken out of context and are now being used as a political

The facts are these.

I have not made any donation to the Labour Party since the 2005
election. Following the election I provided a loan to assist the party
to look into professional fund raising between elections. It was a loan,
not a donation, and has since been repaid.

I was not offered a cabinet position. My comments on this matter were
light hearted and have been taken out of context.

I will not be commenting further on this issue. "

Sorry Owen, how have these comments been taken out of context??

Read the Electoral Finance Act - interest free loan = donation (equal to the value of the interest that would otherwise have been paid)

So the PM never talked to you about the possibility of being Minister of Transport? You lied? If you did, what else can we believe?

A pity that you have no further comments on this issue. You seem to have raised more questions than you have answered. Until you front up and answer, expect to stay a political football.