Feb 29, 2008

Labour Leadership Coup: Are We Missing The Real Action?

The Hive team and most observers have been looking in the direction of Phil Goff to see whether he is willing to have a go at the top job. With Maharey going and with Mallard a non-starter there seems no other potential replacement for the PM. Cunliffe wants the job, but he will only get one vote - his. Jones wants the job, but it is too soon for him.

Lets look at some of the facts

Mid last week word starts being leaked out of the Labour caucus that Cullen is unhappy with the way that the emissions trading legislation has been handled

Moleworth and Featherston last week reports negatively on two of Goff's triumphs - China FTA and US entry into the P4 process

The next day someone high up in the Beehive leaks the news that the Labour party President has offered to resign. This embarasses both Williams and the PM

The Standard and some pro-Labour media start really pushing the Cullen originated beat up of Key over lower wages - it is still running in The Standard

Yesterday Vernon Small suggests that Williams and Heather Simpson are for the chop and leaves the question of the PM's position dangling

Later in the day Molesworth and Featherson leads with a piece on the Government re-think on emissions trading implying that the whole policy has been mishandled There is also an article critical of the Clark/Simpson election strategy " Labour’s strategy of trying to minimise mistakes and waiting for National to slip up is playing disastrously, but there is no move to change course. Leadership speculation this week never had substance, but the party needs to re-think its plan."

So what does this all add up to?

To get the answer you need to know why we are focussing on the link between Vernon Small, Moleworth and Featherson and Michael Cullen.

Who owns and writes Moleworth and Featherson? It comes out of Inhouse Media Limited and Sugar Media Limited

According to the Companies Office the Directors are:

Inhouse Media Ltd

CAVE, Shane Antony 5 Miro Rd, Raumati Beach

GRIGGS, Kim Marie 52 Helston Rd, Johnsonville, Wellington

SMALL, Vernon Albert 75 Grafton Road, Roseneath, Wellington

Sugar Media Ltd

HARBUTT, Josie 31B The Esplanade, Raumati South, Wellington

PAGANI, John 31B The Esplanade, Raumati South, Wellington

Interesting list isn't it?

Isn't John Pagani one of Cullen's speech writers?

Readers can draw their own conclusions