Feb 23, 2008

Why Is The Media Being So Cruel In Its Use Of Imagery?

Irish Bill writing for The Standard is critical of an NZ Herald cartoon that suggests a similarity between Prime Minister Clark and Fidel Castro.

Earlier on today we commented on the front page photo in the Dominion Post that makes the PM look like a Sith Lord.

What is going on? Why can't the media play fair.

So we went back through our archive to find a fairer photo of the real Helen Clark.

There were several possibilities but in the went for this one:

It shows the PM caught unawares in a moment of real joy and happiness (from memory one of the Lord of The Rings films had just won an oscar). What is more, it shows that the PM is loved by at least one of her colleagues in Parliament. So come on newspaper editors. Stop showing the PM up in such a bad light. We challenge you to use this image instead.