Feb 23, 2008

Fran O'Sullivan: Labour Hoist By Its Owen Petard

Writing in today's NZ Herald Fran O'Sullivan says

There must have been times when Helen Clark wished she could issue a cease-and-desist order to shut ex-pat billionaire Owen (Oggi) Glenn up (permanently).

The Prime Minister has made a political fetish out of her campaign for transparency and accountability in the democratic process.

How ripe then that her Government - that bunch of co-conspirators who rammed through the assault on our democracy that is the Electoral Finance Act - should find themselves hoist by their Owen petard within weeks of the legislation coming into effect.

She then lists each of Oggi's revelations. The list is so long that Fran suggests that anywhere else there would have to be an enquiry. But we don't have corruption here do we, so we don't have an anti-corruption commission. We do have a Minister of Justice but

according to her risible comments in Parliament this week, does not understand basic electoral law over what constitutes a political donation.

Fran concludes by thanking Oggi for being so open.

We agree, without Oggi's loose lips we would not know (publicly) about the state of corruption we have sunk to, nor about the modus operandi of low life like Winston Peters.