Feb 23, 2008

Roy Morgan Poll Corrects - Back With The Mainstream

It is looking increasingly that the last poll from Roy Morgan Research was a rogue result. Labour took great comfort from it, but the current poll will take the wind out of Labour's sails. It shows a big drop in support for Labour and an even bigger increase in support for National. Labour is down 4% to 32.5% while National is up 6% to 51.5%.

Other parties:

Greens down 1% to 8%
NZ First down 1% to 3%
Maori up 1.5% to 3%
ACT, United, Progressive are all on 0.5%

Gary Morgan's commentary says:

“The drop in support for the Labour Government to fresh 6 month lows is driven by the significant drop in median house prices early in February, along with the continued record high interest rates which are a great concern to many New Zealanders. The extent of these concerns is evident when one looks at the fall in the Roy Morgan New Zealand Consumer Confidence Rating, which has fallen to an 18 month low.

“Combining these economic worries with the political damage caused to Helen Clark by her non-attendance at the Waitangi day dawn ceremonies, which contrasted sharply with the enthusiastic approach taken by Opposition Leader John Key, has topped off a bad few weeks for the Labour Government.

“The lead now enjoyed by the National Party would be enough to see them returned to power at this year’s election for the first time since the defeat of Jenny Shipley nearly 8 years ago.”