Feb 22, 2008

Another Great Week For Phil Goff

No wonder he is smiling. Labour leader in waiting has had a great week, in sharp contrast to his leaders and most of his colleagues. While they are all mired in crisis and scandal Phil quietly and consistently delivers. He achieved a great result on cluster munitions . Earlier in the day he was able to announce another good news story - positives moves towards an FTA with Korea

“This study is a strong foundation from which our two countries can discuss the possibility of an FTA. We enjoy a highly complementary trading relationship and an FTA would be mutually beneficial. We also work closely together as longstanding friends on issues affecting the Asian region,” Phil Goff said.

Both countries rely strongly on trade, and are proponents of an open trading environment. New Zealand’s total trade with Korea was worth $2.7 billion in the year till June 2007.

“The study concluded that the growing and strongly complementary relationship shows that, under an FTA, consumers in both countries stand to gain from increased opportunities for trade, investment, knowledge transfer, and the productivity gains that come from a closer trade relationship.