Feb 21, 2008

Dail Jones In Trouble With His Leaders Also

Audrey Young reports further in today's Herald about Winston Peters anger with Dail Jones

Controversy over political donations has spread to New Zealand First, the Government's key support party led by Foreign Minister Winston Peters.

Party president Dail Jones is in trouble with Mr Peters after claiming that a large anonymous donation to the party in December went towards its $158,000 cheque to the Starship Foundation - a cheque since returned to sender.

The cheque was the party's cheeky response to the Auditor-General's finding that its share of unlawful parliamentary expenditure in the 2005 election was $158,000. Other parties repaid the money to the Parliamentary Service.

Mr Peters was reported on One News last night saying that what Mr Jones had said was "completely wrong"........

What does Glenn say:

Through a PR firm yesterday, he categorically denied being the source of a $250,000 offer to the Maori Party at the last election if it went with Labour.

Such an offer has been previously revealed by co-leader Tariana Turia, but she has not said who made it.

But on the matter of whether he had given money to New Zealand First, Mr Glenn declined to make any comment yesterday and referred the question to the party.