Feb 23, 2008

John Armstrong On Glenngate

Armstrong assesses the fallout from the ongoing Glenn scandal in today's NZ Herald:

At week's end, the carnage is truly gruesome; the casualties truly staggering.

Like Mr Magoo suddenly handed the reins to Boadicea's chariot, expat billionaire and philanthropist Owen Glenn scythed his way through the political landscape seemingly oblivious to the havoc.

Those left to lick their wounds include no lesser figures than the Prime Minister and Labour Party president Mike Williams, while questions about whether NZ First was also on the receiving end of Glenn's generosity have infuriated Winston Peters, who has directed his anger at his party president for even speculating on the possibility that NZ First might have taken such a donation.

The immediate damage to Labour is the momentum the party had started to build with a series of staged policy announcements has been brought to a sudden halt. In its place, a minor irritant which should have been wiped off the political agenda on Day One was still leading the television news on Day Seven.