Feb 24, 2008

How Does NZ First Fund Itself?

A search through the relevant sections of the Elections NZ website on donations received by political parties shows up some unexpected results for NZ First. In 1996 they received multiple donations to a total of $82,178. No more donations are declared until 2002 when two donors contribute a total of $25,000 (one donor is anonomous but we suspect the $10,000 was Contact Energy). Contact Energy is the only declared donor in 2003 and 2004, again donating $10,000. Then in election year 2005 NZ First declared no donations. 2006 again has no declared donors. So the news about a sizeable donation is 2007 is very much atypical behavior from this Party. Indeed in the period since 1996 the single biggest donor to NZ First was $15,000 in 2002 from Gold Times Sports (P O Box 47 350, Ponsonby, Auckland) - can't find a company of this name on the Companies Office site but there was one a Gold Times Casino - now struck off. The second biggest donor was in 1996 from Charles Sturt ($12,250). Sturt is currently a Norther Ward representative on the Rotorua District Council. Upper Hutt City Councillor and former MP Peter McCardle is the only other person or company to give more than $10,000. He gave $10,353.32 in 1996.