Feb 27, 2008

Blogging And Copyright

Poneke has a must read post this morning on blogging an copyright. He suggests that things are not as straight forward as Steven Price argues in a post on media law journal (certainly we are mindful of this issue every time we are summarising a media article). Poneke looks at the issue from the media use of blog generated materials, which is notes often doesn't even have attribution.
Certainly we are regularly noticing stories that we have generated in all forms of media. We even have our headlines or sarcastic comments copied ("a pity penguins can't vote" was used three times that we noticed). We are regularly (but not always) attributed in blogs but have yet to be quoted in the main stream media. We have however noted the occasional reference to Kiwiblog and Poneke was quoted, with attribution, on Media Watch this week.

Part of The Hive's mission is to point readers, including the media, in the right direction. We are delighted when one of our opinions or topics is picked up.