Feb 24, 2008

The Glenn Scandal Gets Even Worse

Why was there no interest from Government in appointing an honorary consul in Monaco until Glenn came along? Fran O'Sullivan has obtained years of correspondence on this issue. The article is a must read.

How can Labour appoint its financial sugar daddy as honorary consul to Monaco when it has previously consistently refused to appoint a New Zealand representative, despite personal representations from Prince Albert himself?

Letters obtained by the Herald on Sunday show that Labour has repeatedly turned down requests from Monaco's honorary consul in New Zealand for a reciprocal appointment in the principality.

Even Foreign Affairs Minister Winston Peters did not agree when approached in January last year to consider the matter.

So what has changed in the intervening 12 months?

What are the words to that song - money makes the world go around???

Shame on Labour and shame on Winston Peters.

The final two sentences of Fran's article make very interesting reading also -

The rumour mill is rife that Peters and Glenn are to have a meeting offshore to discuss the furore.

Peters has said he will make no comment on the issue until he returns to Wellington. It should make for an interesting return.

Are Glenn and Peters meeting offshore? There is no legitimate way for this information to be withheld. We need an answer.