Feb 24, 2008

Pork Barrel Politics: Who Said This?

Spending vast sums of money on the electoral process raises the spectre of American politics, which hinge on the expenditure of billions of dollars by political candidates to get elected. It has been estimated that the 2008 US presidential candidates will need at least $US500 million in their war chests. Democratic and Republican candidates have been touring America, holding lavish fundraising dinners and meeting wealthy individuals. The candidates try to convince the richest groups in American society that their interests will be defended, and indeed enhanced, if he or she is elected. Ordinary Americans and their needs are ignored during this process.

Big businesses, their advisers, lobbyists, law firms and merchant banks shell out cash to the candidates and often fund a number of them. After the election of course, it is payback time. There are huge contracts to be won and brimming pork barrels to be emptied. There are jobs for the boys and girls.

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