Sep 16, 2008

When Is Winston Going To Pay His Extra Salary Back?

According to a spokesman for Winston Peters there was no requirement for Winston to declare his trip to Las Vegas. Given that the Cabinet Office Manual is uite clear on this matter this caan only mean that Winston Peters is not a Minister of the Crown. Why then was he for most of the last three years our "Minister" of Foreign Affairs and "Minister" of Racing? And why was he paid a Ministerial salary and why did he receive all the other baubles of office?

It seems that there is yet another case of no rules for Winston, he can have and do whatever he wants, and strict rules for everyone else.

Good on the Dominion Post for picking the Las Vegas scandal up but we can't find today's page 2 article on the website. By the way, no one has ever suggested that Calvert paid Winston's travel costs. Just the cost of the tickets to the boxing maatch. It is the tax payer that paid the cost of the travel and accommodation. When was the tax payer refunded and by whom? Winston or one of his trusts? We need clarity on these issues.