Sep 30, 2008

Has Hooton Converted To Communism?

Is it his continuing close association with Laila? Is it because he has spent too much time reading the Sunday Star Times? Is it because he shares a blog with Comrade Trotter? Or did he just get too cold one day on his recent ski trip down south? Something seems to have happened. A rift seems to have grown between Hooton and Whaleoil. Earlier today he described Whaleoil as a "far-right ultra", and now he is disagreeing with Whale Oil over the Prime Minister's right to lie. Hooton being an apologist for the PM??? What is the world coming to. Particularly when this election is meant to be about trust.

The Hive finds it particularly strange that Hooton would take this position so soon after Labour First tried to beat John Key up over his TranzRail shareholdings.