Sep 28, 2008

Planning To Control The Blogosphere

Fairfacts Media of No Minister has an interesting post on attempts offshore to exercise political control of the blogosphere and what this might mean for New Zealand. There is a thoughtful look at the attempt to hoax Whale Oil (isn't it interesting that a number of left wing blog and media commentators would have you believe that Whale Oil was hoaxed, and seem quite definitive about knowing where the hoax may have come from. Fortunately Whale Oil smelled a rat straight away and sought advice from a range of bloggers. Our only complaint about Whale Oil's handling of this is that he did not got straight to the Police. Given that the Police were being maligned as much as the subject, then they would have had a strong incentive to investigate with vigour. Whale Oil says he is still investigating. We still believe it should be put in the hands of the Police.).