Sep 24, 2008

Why We Don't Like Communists

They try and collectivise, then they use the collectivisation to screw us.

This is just what is happening right now on the buses.

Those out of Wellington may not know that we are currently being held ransom by the Tramways Union. Buses stopped working today on the morning commute. Even school children were left stranded by these arseholes. And guess who heads this union? This from Poneke

Militant Workers Party activist Nick Kelly has become the new president of the Wellington Tramways Union, the union representing Go Wellington bus drivers.
Nick joined Go Wellington as a bus driver last year. His little-publicised ascension to the union leadership this month is very likely associated with the escalation in the pay dispute between Go Wellington and its drivers, which saw drivers take industrial action in today’s morning peak hour and the company responding by announcing it would lock out the drivers from 5.30am tomorrow.
Nick is an idealistic young man who has been associated with radical causes for years. In 2001 he was sacked as Labour MP Paul Swain’s electorate chair for protesting against a free trade deal.
“I joined Labour when I was 14 years old, naively believing it to be a left-wing party,”
he wrote in an article published on Scoop the following year.
In 2006 he was president of the Victoria University Students Association. When he was defeated in his bid for re-election, he accused the Labour government of mounting a conspiracy against him. When he stood for the Wellington mayoralty last year, he said the Workers Party goal was “to help build the socialist left and fight to end the capitalist system.”

There was some good video up on this little prick Kelly from the last Mayoralty race unfortunately it seems to have been taken down. it was frightening stuff, except for those who thought he was joking....