Sep 22, 2008

Beijing Embassygate: PM Hangs Fonterra and MFAT Out To Dry

Some quotes from Stuff

Fonterra was too slow to speak out over the poison milk scandal in China, Prime Minister Helen Clark said today.

Today Miss Clark told Newstalk ZB that the company had been too slow to speak out.
"I think it has been too reactive from the beginning and no doubt their shareholders will want to hold the company accountable for that," Miss Clark said.
"I felt there was quite a long period of time before Fonterra spoke and I don't think that is satisfactory."
It was important that Fonterra upheld the highest possible standards, she said.
The embassy in Beijing had been advised about the problems on August 14, "but not in a way that they felt they had sufficient information to alert Wellington for another 17 days".
With hindsight people could ask whether the embassy should also have acted sooner, Miss Clark said. She said the first she knew about the issue was on September 5.