Sep 24, 2008

Herald On Peters - Don't Come To Work Monday 10 November

The NZ Herald editorial is also on Winston Peters

It is stating the obvious to say Winston Peters should have resigned as a minister some time ago. And that he should go now, after the censure delivered by Parliament's privileges committee. He will not, of course, and, the New Zealand First leader may even see a silver lining in that dark cloud. The Prime Minister has said she will not reinstate him as Foreign Minister, but that he will remain a minister without portfolio. As such, Mr Peters is free to hit the campaign trail with the salary and perks of a minister but none of the responsibilities. This farce will end with voters having to deliver the Don't Come Monday letter on November 8.
That aside, there is nothing in the privileges committee's admirable report to give comfort to Mr Peters or to the Labour Party, whose MPs on the committee joined those of NZ First in opposing the majority recommendation. There is no compelling argument to deflect from the significance of the censuring of Mr Peters for filing a false return to Parliament, in which he did not declare a $100,000 donation from expatriate billionaire Owen Glenn.