Sep 30, 2008

No Need To Travel To Kapiti: Nudists Welcome In Wellington And Not Just On The Beaches

What will this do for Oriental Bay property prices? Will the residents be able to cope?

Shock news today that nudists are welcome on Wellington beaches too, including Oriental Bay. But things get better - there is no bylaw stopping people going nude anywhere in the city!

This summer could become a real eye-opener with nudists legally allowed to strut their stuff on Wellington beaches, including the golden sands of Oriental Bay.
Wellington City Council spokesman Richard MacLean said the council had "quietly got rid of" an old bylaw that required beach-goers over the age of eight to wear swimming togs or clothes.
"There is a bit of topless sunbathing on Oriental Bay Beach but generally people tend to keep their swimming kit on when on busy beaches.
"So the old bylaw was of no use and was not enforced by council staff. We don't have apparel enforcement officers."
The move means the council has no bylaws on its books that expressly prohibit nudity - not just on beaches but anywhere in the city.