Sep 29, 2008

The Winston Leaks: Vast Conspiracy Or Inside Job

Everyone should be reading Autocar and Pat Booth in particular, as Pat explains much about the leaks of information that have helped expose the truth about our former Minister of Foreign Affairs. Thank you Keeping Stock for pointing this out.

Winston Peters might not need to look very far for the whistle-blower who caused him so much strife.
He has thrashed about whipping up emotional storms over what he describes as intrigues to destroy him and his party.
But evidence suggests an inside job from his own New Zealand First by someone who drew from secret party files.
That seems a logical source of a series of highly significant letters sent to media investigators over several months. Some letters were long and verbose but they were also full of specific, damaging detail and precise figures.
One of the most important was backed by a copy of a Vela Brothers’ donation cheque. Specially written for $9995, it could and did slip past the legal obligation to declare donations of $10,000 or more. As did others from the same source.
That evidence of a specially crafted and secret donation process looked out at Winston Peters, his critics and supporters, from the front page of Wellington’s Dominion Post as long ago as July 22.
That cheque rebutted Winston Peters’ denials that Vela corporate money had changed hands – and in this sleight-of-hand, drip-feed fashion.
The cheque and other details in those anonymous letters were part of a two-year investigation by the paper’s Phil Kitchen, New Zealand’s most determined and skilled investigator of his generation. Ask Louise Nicholas and various former policemen about him if you have any doubts.