Sep 10, 2008

What Labour Knew

Martin Kay looks at Labour's knowledge of the Glenn donation to NZ First

Labour president Mike Williams gave the green light to a $100,000 donation toward Winston Peters' legal bills, according to explosive claims by expatriate shipping billionaire Owen Glenn.
Mr Glenn said he checked with Mr Williams before agreeing to help Mr Peters - calling into question Mr Williams' insistence that he first knew of the donation two months ago.
Mr Williams has denied brokering the payment or putting Mr Peters in touch with Mr Glenn.
But Mr Glenn told Parliament's privileges committee he consulted Mr Williams while he considered Mr Peters' request for money in December 2005.
He agreed to make a contribution only after discussing the issue with Mr Williams over brunch in Sydney.
"I would not have proceeded if the response that I got from Mr Williams was that such a contribution would be unhelpful to Labour."
Mr Williams said last month that he learnt of the donation in July this year, when an e-mail referring to it, from Mr Glenn to a public relations consultant, was published.