Sep 10, 2008

PM Poised To Axe Peters

Tracy Watkins is also predicting that the end is finally nigh for Winston Peters. The baubles are about to be taken away for good

Prime Minister Helen Clark is poised to cut Winston Peters loose after damning evidence that now threatens to drag Labour into the NZ First donations scandal.
Miss Clark appears to have little choice but to sack Mr Peters after expat billionaire Owen Glenn documented a trail of phone calls and e-mails in evidence to Parliament's privileges committee to support his claim that the NZ First leader knew about his $100,000 donation.
Mr Glenn also drew Labour Party president Mike Williams into the row - saying he consulted him before agreeing to the donation. Mr Williams denies the claim.
Miss Clark acknowledged yesterday that the evidence against Mr Peters was "disturbing" - the first sign that she is now prepared to accept he has not been telling her the truth.
She made it clear that Mr Peters' future now rests on his rebutting Mr Glenn's testimony when he appears before the privileges committee tonight.
But the evidence from Mr Glenn is damning, including phone records linking Mr Peters to an e-mail from his lawyer, Brian Henry, giving account details for the $100,000 deposit.