Sep 11, 2008

NZ First Voted For Policy That Will Increase Petrol By 7c Per Litre

That will be the impact of the Emissions Trading Scheme in 2011 according to the NZ Herald. And will this help reduce emissions - not one bit. This is a fraud designed to make you the consumer pay for the liability the Government negotiated in the flawed Kyoto Treaty.

Motorists face a probable 7c-a-litre price rise at the pump from 2011 when costs of the Emissions Trading Scheme are passed on, according to Government estimates based on projected carbon prices.
The Government's flagship climate change legislation passed into law last night by 63 votes to 57.
The trucking industry estimates fuel bills will climb close to $100 million a year, while airlines' voluntary carbon offset charges, now around $2.30 for a main trunk one-way domestic flight, are a clue to what will become compulsory.
Backers of the scheme point out this is relatively modest compared with the price swings which saw the pump price of 91-octane petrol leap from around $1.60 a litre in September last year to more than $2.10 in July, to less than $2 now.
Economic uncertainty and soaring world prices for oil driven by supply fears and market traders led the Government to put off for two years the inclusion of fuel in the scheme, in spite of Green Party objections.