Sep 12, 2008

Nasty Socialist Legislation A Backward Step For Consumers And The Economy

Several bus operators seem to share our concern over the nasty socialist transport legislation that was passed with the support of parties who should know better. From this morning's NZ Herald

But NZ Bus, which has taken over the former Stagecoach fleets in both Auckland and Wellington, says businesses will become less willing to invest in public transport because the legislation will allow the authority - or regional councils in other centres - to do away with commercial services and take "unfettered" control.
"This is a backward step for the travelling public," said chief executive Bruce Emson.
"Should we lose control of our business, there will be no incentive to innovate or invest."
He said operators would be obliged to focus on the lowest-cost provision of the lowest-standard service as defined by regional authorities, making it harder to persuade New Zealanders to get out of their cars.
"All investment in better services, new technologies and buses would be at the expense of ratepayers or not happen at all."
Bus and Coach Association chief executive Raewyn Bleakley said many members were very concerned about their future.
"I have been in touch with most of the large operators throughout the country today and it's clear they will all be looking carefully at investing in new capital and taking business risks in the uncertain environment they now face," she said.