Sep 12, 2008

Moroney Cannot Not Walk Away From The Truth

The Herald is today also carrying an interview with Paul moroney. This is important as Winston Peters yesterday tried to cast doubt on Moroney's word.

This is interesting also as it shows that the PM is not the only Labour MP who has known for some months that Winston has been lying

Mr Moroney swore an affidavit of his recollections of Mr Peters thanking Mr Glenn as they sat together at the Karaka yearly sales in 2006.
Mr Glenn provided it to the committee as corroborating evidence on Tuesday.
Mr Moroney said he expected a backlash from the racing community as Mr Peters was a popular minister.
"This is not about the racing industry. This is about the truth. And I cannot walk away from the truth."

Mr Peters yesterday produced a statement from Vela group director Donald McIllraith that said Mr Moroney's evidence was "not accurate" and gave a version of the lunch in the Pencarrow Stud tent that did not have them sitting together.
Mr Moroney said Mr McIllraith's statement actually verified "we were all in the same place at the same time".
Mr Moroney, who works with Mr Glenn's horses, said Mr McIllraith had failed to take into account what happened when Mr Peters first arrived, and elaborated on his affidavit.
"Mr Peters came over ... sat down for five to 10 minutes, had a glass of wine, and the conversation with him and Owen took place with Owen sitting right next to them."
Mr Moroney said he realised he had put his sister, Labour MP Sue Moroney, in an "awkward position". He had informed her of his knowledge about three months ago without telling her the full story.