Sep 9, 2008

A Late Election

Journalists are interpreting the PM's comments on keeping Parliament going for a while longer as indicating a November election. We agree with this interpretation and the focus on 8 November.

But is this a wise move by the PM? She is clearly backing herself and Labour and thinks that she can make further inroads into National's lead.

We were watching the golf on TV last night. On the final hole Anthony Kim was in second place, three shots behind the leader. While deciding on his club selection for his second shot he said "I am not playing for second place". He chose an aggressive shot, lined up, and hooked the ball into the grandstand. He ended up in third place.

We do wonder whether Labour is similarly misfiring. The polls are as good now as they have been in ages. Are they really going to get better? Is there not a sympathy vote there for the PM following the tragic death of her mountain guide friend? And haven't National been a bit weak on the political management lately? How long will the sympathy last? How long before the Winston backlash starts? Will people And can National make many more mistakes? This is a high stakes game being played. Higher than the stakes being faced by Anthony Kim. At least he came third. Helen will lose her job is she comes second.