Sep 9, 2008

Another Lie

NZ Herald suggests that Winston is a liar

Winston Peters knew about the Spencer Trust that has funnelled $234,171 of undeclared donations into his NZ First party, say informed sources.
The Herald has learned Mr Peters was aware of how much money was kept in the trust at certain times, and that he directed staff to get it to pay party expenses from 2005 onwards.
But the trust's existence was kept so secret it paid over $100,000 in bills that senior party officials did not even know they had.
The Spencer Trust's bill payments for the party included $87,648 in 2006 - but the party's president, secretary and treasurer from that time yesterday said they had no idea the bills even existed, yet alone that they were paid.
It is not known what the bills were for.
Mr Peters did not return calls last night. Despite being asked, he has never said when he became aware of the trust. On July 29 he told a press conference that he had no knowledge of what the trust was used for.
Police yesterday began investigating NZ First's failure to declare an $80,000 donation from the trust and Mr Peters' knowledge of the trust's workings will make it difficult for him to plead ignorance.