Sep 2, 2008

Kyoto Forest People Support Ngai Tahu

KYOTO FORESTRY ASSOCIATIONMEDIA STATEMENTTuesday 2 September 2008For Immediate Release KYOTO FOREST OWNERS SUPPORT PRE-1990 COUNTERPARTS The Kyoto Forestry Association (KFA), which represents owners of forestsplanted after 1 January 1990, has added its support to owners ofpre-1990 forests, including members of the New Zealand Forest OwnersAssociation Inc., the Flexible Land Use Alliance and Te Runanga o NgaiTahu, who are concerned about the impact of the Emissions Trading Scheme(ETS) on their land values. "Our primary concern has always been with post-1989 forest ownersreceiving the value of the carbon credits that are rightfully ours," KFAspokesman Roger Dickie said today. "We were pleased with the announcement in September 2007 from ForestryMinister Jim Anderton confirming that. We need the ETS legislationpassed to receive that value. "Nevertheless, we also consider the provisions for pre-1990 forestry,which include deforestation taxes of up to $65,000 per hectare, to beunjust and counter to the goal of restoring confidence in the forestryindustry to get planting underway again. "We support Ngai Tahu and other pre-1990 forest owners in expressingtheir concerns in the Waitangi Tribunal and elsewhere. "We believe the best option is to exclude pre-1990 forests from the ETS,as the Australians plan to do. "Failing that, the Forestry Offset Scheme being promoted by the FlexibleLand Use Alliance, along with an adequate compensation package, wouldensure the all-important principle of land-use flexibility ismaintained. "Land use flexibility is essential to protect land values and has alsobeen the backbone of the New Zealand economy for more than 100 years." END Inquiries: Roger DickieKyoto Forestry AssociationPh: 027 4428687