Sep 3, 2008

Huge Support For Transmission Gully

From Stuff this morning

The improved Transmission Gully route appears to have huge support, with nearly 90 per cent of the almost 2400 submitters giving it the green light.
The New Zealand Transport Agency said yesterday that it had received 2360 submissions on the preferred route, announced two months ago after two years of investigations and geotechnical studies.
Submissions on the route closed last week and staff are now analysing each one, with minor changes to the route expected before a final plan is taken to the Transport Agency's board at the end of the year.
They offer unequivocal support for the cheaper, environmentally friendly route, with 88.5 per cent of submitters saying they support the proposal and another 4.2 per cent saying they "don't mind".
Slightly more than 7 per cent - or 173 submissions - oppose it.
"It's nice to see that people agree with the work we have done," project manager Rob Whight said. "We've asked them `do you agree?' and they've come back and overwhelming said `yes'."