Sep 1, 2008

ETS To Cost Us Dearly

We yesterday raised concerns about the lack of understanding by the Green Party of the ETS which they are supporting and their willingness to allow pork barrel politics by the fishing industry and NZ First to give that industry an advantage over other trade exposed sectors such as agriculture, education and tourism.

Catherine Beard writes an equally alarming article in the NZ Herald.

The "game on" emails are already flying around from carbon market brokers. They are gleeful that Labour has enough backing from NZ First and the Green Party to ensure the passage of legislation to introduce emissions trading in New Zealand.
They are rubbing their hands at the thought of this new market to trade in and make money on.
Unfortunately for the consumers and businesses that will be bearing the costs of the scheme, the process for passing this law - which is a major economic and tax reform - has been fast and opaque, with Labour forced into horse trading with the Greens and NZ First to get their support.